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"Ex-NSA hacker & ex-Apple researcher launch startup to protect Apple devices" in TechCrunch.

With the rising prevalence and complexity of malicious threats, there was a pressing need for a novel approach to protect Apple devices.

At DoubleYou, we're committed to developing world-class defensive capabilities to combat the latest threats targeting Apple devices. But instead of deploying these ourselves, we aim to empower others who are building security products.

With this vision of democratizing security in mind, our capabilities are meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate into other security products, bolstering their detection capabilities and expanding the scope of protection they offer.


At its core, our product is a self-contained detection framework designed for seamless integration into enterprise-grade macOS security solutions.

Our novel rules-based detection engine supports an expanding list of detection modules. These modules can be selectively added "à la carte" to deliver the precise level of protection needed more, no less!

Moreover, our framework is exclusively designed for Apple devices, ensuring conformity with Apple's design philosophies. To provide the highest level of protection, it leverages the latest and most powerful system libraries and APIs in a highly optimized and efficient manner.


Patrick Wardle and Mikhail Sosonkin are long time friends, and have each worked in the field of cybersecurity for over 20 years. Together, their combined expertise provides the insight and knowledge to build the next generation of detection capabilities for macOS and iOS.